May 6, 2018

Amendment to Scale Back Irresponsible Hartford Bailout Passes

Today we passed an amendment to scale back the irresponsible Hartford bailout signed by the Governor’s administration and State Treasurer Denise Napier. The bailout required us, as taxpayers, to back 40 years of Hartford’s debt. We reduced that to 5 years, which will save our state hundreds of millions of taxpayer money. This also requires the Municipal Accountability Review Board …

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May 5, 2018

Senate Approves Linares Amendment on Pension Reform

A late night amendment on May 4th to the Senate’s sexual harassment bill passed in the early morning hours would require the attorney general to initiate court proceedings to remove a state employee’s pension if they are convicted of sexual assault while on the job. Sen. Art Linares, R-Westbrook, called for the Republican amendment in response to reports confirming former …

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February 8, 2018

Response to Gov. Malloy


I’m writing you today, because like all the people of Connecticut, I was shocked at the Governor’s speech today, calling yet again for more tax hikes from a community that has been asked to give over and over again. All because of a state Government too afraid to tackle the real issues of why our government is becoming too expensive …

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February 2, 2018

Legislators Statewide Support Art Linares For Treasurer

Legislators Statewide Support Art Linares For Treasurer   Art Linares, three-term state senator and Republican candidate for State Treasurer, announced on Tuesday, major endorsements from current and former members of the General Assembly. “I am honored to have received these endorsements from such a broad array of Republican leaders from across this great state, and look forward to serving the …

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January 30, 2018

I Need Your Help to Keep Us Moving Forward.

Friend, Did you know our beloved state dropped from the 4 th wealthiest state in the nation to the 6th? Connecticut must begin to implement new ideas and strategies to grow our economy and bring job-creating businesses back to the state. As a co-founder of one of the most successful solar development companies in the nation, I know first- hand …

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