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Senate Republican President Len Fasano:

“I urge the voters of Connecticut to get behind Art Linares in his bid for State Treasurer.  Senator Linares is a successful businessman, who has honorably served his district since first being elected in 2012.  His time as a State Senator has given him the knowledge of the inner workings of government and a true understanding of what is required to be State Treasurer. He cares deeply for our state and will be able to make the tough economic decisions needed to bring our state the long term economic growth it deserves.

Please join me in electing Art Linares as our next State Treasure.” 


General Assembly

Sen. Kevin Witkos – 8th District

Sen. Len Suzio – 9th District

Sen. Joe Markley – 16th District

Sen. George Logan – 17th District

Sen. Heather Somers – 18th District

Sen. Paul Formica – 20th District

Sen. Kevin Kelly – 21st District

Sen. Tony Hwang – 28th District

Sen. Henri Martin – 31st District

Sen. Eric Berthel – 32nd District

Sen. Tony Guglielmo – 35th District

Sen. L. Scott Frantz – 36th District

State Rep. Mark Tweedie – 13th District

State Rep. Devin Carney – 23rd District

State Rep. Melissa Ziobron – 34th District

State Rep. Jesse MacLachlan – 35th District

State Rep. Bob Siegrist – 36th District

State Rep. Holly Cheeseman – 37th District

State Rep. Kevin Skulczyck – 45th District

State Rep. Kurt Vail – 52nd District

State Rep. Chris Davis – 57th District

State Rep. Bill Simanski – 62nd District

State Rep. William Buckbee – 67th District

State Rep. Anthony D’Amelio – 71st District

State Rep. Cara Pavalock-D’Amato – 77th District

State Rep. Dave Yaccarino – 87th District

State Rep. Lezlye Zupkus – 89th District

State Rep. Noreen Kokoruda – 101st District

State Rep. Steven Harding – 107th District

State Rep. Pamela Staneski – 119th District

State Rep. Ben McGorty – 122nd District

State Rep. Tom O’Dea – 125th District

State Rep. David Labriola – 131st District

State Rep. Brenda Kupchick – 132nd District

State Rep. Fred Wilms – 142nd District

State Rep. Fred Camillo – 151st District

Fmr. State Rep. William Aman – 14th District

Fmr. State Rep. John Scott – 40th District

Fmr. State Rep. Gayle Mulligan – 55th District

Fmr. State Rep. Selim Noujaim – 74th District

Fmr. State Rep. Janice Giegler –138th District


State Central Members

Dan Hetzel – 18th District

Tom Torre – 20th District

Gerri Lewis – 20th District

Harry Ruppenicker – 33rd District

Ed Marcolini – 33rd District

Ty Seymour – Chairman, College Republicans


Republican Town Committee Chairmen

Gerald Nagy – Ashford

Jonathon Gilman – Bozrah

Georger Coshow – East Hampton

Greg Dembowski – Brookfield

Carolyn Linn – Chester

James Staunton – Clinton

Brenden Healy – Colchester

Gregory Alexander – Deep River

Bob Kleinhans – East Lyme

Mark Pisciotti – East Haddam

Lynn Herlihy – Essex

Gloria Nemczuk – Guilford

Peter Arsenault – Haddam

David Adametz – Killingworth

Dave Lahm – Lyme

William Wilson – Middletown

Thomas McNally – Montville

David Kelsey – Old Lyme

Mark Caldarella – Old Saybrook

Tim Lavoy – Portland

Edward Chmielewski – Salem

Harry Ruppenicker – Westbrook


Statewide Endorsements

Harry Shaker – Selectman, Brookfield

Leslee Hill – First Selectman, Canton

Philip Sengle – Selectman, Clinton

Mark Nickerson – First Selectman, East Lyme

Lizz Milardo – First Selectman, Haddam

Nancy Gorski – Selectman, Killingworth

Sebastian Giuliano – Town Council Minority Leader, Middletown

Tom McNally – Town Council Chair, Montville

Michael Freda – First Selectman, North Haven

Carl Fortuna – First Selectman, Old Saybrook

Kurt Miller – First Selectman, Seymour

Noel Bishop – First Selectman, Westbrook